Those who dare to dream

Ashton Turner stood on his final hole, a 300-yard par 4, of the second round in the Darwin Salver at Rye Golf Club. With driver in hand, only in his wildest dreams could he have imagined what happened next. The ball smashed of his driver high in the air, landing on the fairway, rolling onto the green and into the hole.

What makes this even more amazing was that it happened on his 18th hole on his 18th birthday. Many dream of having a hole in one, but to have your first in these circumstances is truly remarkable.

The only recorded hole in one on a par 4 on the PGA tour happened in 2001. When Andrew Magee’s tee-shot on the 17th hole at TPC Scottsdale landed on the green, hit Tom Byrum’s putter and rebounded into the hole.

Hole in ones are more common on par 3s but these stunning outcomes shows that when lady luck is on your side, anything is possible. No one knows when it will happen, but when it does you know it will be special.

It just goes to show that even on the longer par 3s, there is always a chance of a hole in one. A thinned tee shot with a dodgy bounce on your birthday and anything can happen. It doesn’t matter how the ball gets there but the outcome can be astounding.

Mr Fidler!
30th August 2018

All Smiles at Cry for the Moon Golf Day!

Mr Fidler!

It was all smiles at Cry for the Moon’s Golf Day – Roger Fidler, a member of Effingham Golf Club found the hole with his very first shot on the 13th! The Cry for the Moon Golf Day, in aid of children hospice charity was held at Guildford Golf Club – and lucky for Roger [...]

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